Quality Policy

Knab Continental Limited (KCL) is to fully equip all our clients with high quality materials and services and same time maintaining integrity, value and providing standard customer service.

We offer very effective quality assurance services for you and your business. Quality assurance is aimed to secure the foundation of the business whilst building more success on top of it. For anyone without proper knowledge and experience this can be a very challenging task.

The service works both ways. We not only monitor and manage the quality of your production, but the quality of supplies, raw materials and services being brought in from suppliers, mediators. KCL will make sure that everything meets a particular policy is standard compliant, etc.

How it works? KCL draws up a management plan in order to build and implement a quality assurance system. The latter helps control and overlook the needs and goals of your business. Global sourcing, business processes of all sorts, procurement – quality assurance benefits and is critical in each one of these areas.


Quality assurance specialist

KCL specialists has established a foothold in the global market. Many connections, experienced and multilingual experts with know-how and ingenuity to operate anywhere around the world, let us be the trendsetter in this area for the betterment of our client‘s profits and reputation.

Without the right people and brains behind the operation, the quality assurance plan can be no more than useless. In the hands of professionals the management system and plan will help your business to flourish and prosper. Maximum profits, minimal worries, happy clients. What could be better?

Let’s get in touch to talk about the way our quality assurance services can bring added value to your business. KCL works globally and has a multilingual team and panel of business people and analysts to make every process simpler, better and more effective. Our services work for you and benefit the company in both the short and long-run.

With many clients worldwide, we as specialists can proudly say that we truly know what needs to be done in order to ensure progress and what you have to do to move forward. Our company offers high-quality, reliable services and solutions worldwide.

Other similar services we offer:

  • Locating qualified suppliers
  • End to End procurement services



Challenges we help to overcome:

  • Foreseeing problems
  • Finding the right partner
  • Inexperience
  • Resolving disputes





Our process

With experience in international trade, we have established a strong network of trusted original equipments manufacturers’ (OEMs), and yet we constantly seek new ones. Being present in the most important manufacturing locations across the globe, we can instantly sort things out, monitor the processes and negotiate best solutions. 

Our selected original equipments manufacturers’ (OEMs) must meet or exceed a wide list of proven criteria, some of which are:

  • Prompt/accurate communication
  • Compliance with purchase orders
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Meeting commitments