About Us

Knab Continental Limited (KCL) is an Industrial Equipment Supply Company based here in Nigeria-West Africa. KCL source and coordinate delivery of high-quality materials and services to support Oil & Gas operations and projects.We specialise in supply of Industrial equipments for the Oil and Gas industry and International agencies that include United Nations (UN). Our International offices include KCL-Greater Manchester ;United Kingdom, KCL- Statesboro Georgia ;United State. Our international presence has help us to be more effective in rendering flawless services to our clients. Knab Continental Limited (KCL) aim is to give clients satisfactory service and continue to add value either by reducing costs without any compromise in quality or product features. We understand that reliability is a key factor and the turnaround time (TAT) Is crucial in every supply. Knab Continental Limited goal basically; is to contribute positively to clients profitability and productivity. We give high priority to the quality of material supplied, the turnaround time (TAT) and work within the agreed price from clients (end users).